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B&W Tool Case Rhino 115.04/P

Good tools often are not light. High-quality, functional material is heavy and can add up to major effort during transport. With our tool case rhino, though, that is no problem: With its practical roller function, this maneuverable tool case can transport a variety of tools with ease, and an empty weight of just 7.8 kg allows for a superb load capacity of 35 kg. This means your pro tools can go with you and be used anywhere in the world: The lightweight, yet especially rugged high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell makes it possible to even take the case on airplanes.




A (A1): 495mm

B: 430mm

C: 286mm

A (A1) inside: 373mm

B inside: 485mm

C inside: 232mm

D (lid) inside: 110mm

E (bottom) inside: 122mm

Weight =7.8 kg