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B&W Foldon Box M 96010

The perfect companion for any folding bike: Wherever you are taking your bike, our foldon box M guarantees secure transport. This rugged case with polypropyelen (PP) and ABS plastic side walls securely protects your stowed folding bike over stretches both long and short. Its four built-in casters allow the case to be easily maneuvered, even when at maximum capacity. Once the foldon box M is no longer needed, it can be folded up in a flash and deployed again just as quickly. Folding bikes and the foldon box M: the perfect team.

All features at a glance

  • Extremely rugged: ABS plastic shells, polypropylene (PP) side walls
  • Perfectly sized for folding bikes
  • Foldable: reduction in volume of 70%
  • Saves space when stowed
  • With four casters: two rigid, two swivel
  • Padded pull and carry handles
  • Assembled in under two minutes
  • Foam padding
  • With CON-Pearl® structured-core board
  • Two belts for dependable securing
  • Stackable
  • Locking
  • Color: Black


A (A1): 865mm

B: 830mm

C: 465mm

A (A1) inside: 815mm

B inside: 730mm

C inside: 415mm