Custom Foam

In-House customised foaming services is now available to our new and existing customers. Design (CAD), routing/pathing and foam milling are all done in-house using our CNC foam milling machine. Do note that due to the tedious and labor intensive process,  foam customization services will only be available for Pelican cases that were purchased from us or any of our authorized resellers. We reserve the right to refuse and/or decline service.

Protecting your gear—whether it’s a firearm, ammo, computer, camera, video equipment, electronics, drones, antiques, tools, knives or anything else—is what we do. Our Custom-Cut Foam in your hard case is the ultimate barrier between your valuables and baggage handlers, shipping mishaps, rough roads, impacts and even natural disasters and more.

You design the layout of your items. We precision-cut the foam to your specifications.

We use a firm, closed-cell polyethylene foam because this foam stands up to oils, water, heavy use and wear and tear much better than standard foam. We also use soft, open-cell foam in the case lid because it cushions much better against impacts.

It’s easy to get started.

To determine the size of case you need, arrange your items the way you would like them to fit in a case. Items should be approximately 1” apart. There should also be 1” of foam between your items and the inside walls of the case. Measure the length, width and depth and that will give you a starting point on picking out a case to fit your items. For assistance, please call our Customer Service department at (03) 7983-3382/3384.

Once we receive your information, we will contact you and mail you, free of charge, a template to match your case size with complete instructions for designing your Custom Foam layout.

When you receive your template, open the box carefully since you will use the same box to return your template to us, also free of charge. Read the instructions before tracing. By following the tracing directions, you will be sure to get a perfect fit for your items. Place every item you want in your case on the template. Take the time to try some different layouts to find the best one for you before tracing your items. We also offer a video showing how to complete your Custom Foam template.

    Custom Foam Request